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November 06, 2018
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Many adults experience foot pain at one time or another. Foot pain can result from a sports-related injury, a medical condition, or simply from the daily stress of walking or standing for extended period of time. Common causes of foot pain include bunions, ankle injuries, and heel injuries. Foot injuries are best treated by a podiatrist to ensure proper healing. Left untreated, a foot injury can progress and lead to chronic foot pain. The foot doctors at the Family Foot and Ankle Center are your Ashburn/Leesburg, Fairfax/Burke, Reston/Herndon, and McLean/Great Falls, VA, podiatrists for the treatment of foot pain.


Bunions are a common cause of foot pain for many people. Bunions develop when the joint of the big toe slips out of place and a bony protrusion, which is the bunion, forms on the side of the foot. Since the bunion protrudes outward, it readily rubs against the inside of the shoe and can become irritated, resulting in foot pain. One treatment possibility is surgery to correct the misaligned toe joint and remove the bony protrusion so it no longer rubs against the shoe. Other treatment options include wearing orthotics and/or roomier footwear.

Ankle Injuries

Another common cause of foot pain is ankle injuries, such as sprained ankles. Ankle sprains occur when the ankle twists in a different direction as the foot, causing ligaments to become stretched out and sometimes tear. Untreated ankle injuries can lead to chronic ankle instability and foot pain. A podiatrist can recommend an appropriate treatment, which could include applying ice, resting the ankle, wearing compression bandages, or surgery to repair any torn ligaments.

Heel Injuries

Injuries to the heel are another common cause of foot pain. Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonosis, also called tendonitis, are the most common heel injuries. With plantar fasciitis injuries, pain occurs on the bottom of the heel. Heel spurs can also develop, which are hard calcium deposits that form on the bottom of the heel. With Achilles tendonosis, pain can be felt at the back of the heel where the Achilles tendon is located. A podiatrist can recommend the right treatment for your specific type of heel injury.

No matter the cause of your foot pain, various treatments are available through your podiatrist’s office that can help. To schedule an appointment with a podiatrist in Fairfax, VA, or a surrounding area, contact the Family Foot and Ankle Center at one of its four convenient locations: Fairfax/Burke (703) 273-9818; Ashburn/Leesburg (703) 723-9267; McLean/Great Falls (703) 556-8637; or Reston/Herndon (703) 723-2719.


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