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June 26, 2017
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Just discovered that one of your toenails is purple? Find out what this means.foot care

You just took your shoes and socks off and you suddenly noticed that one of your toenails is purple. What is going on, you may wonder? Should you visit one of our Reston, McLean, Ashburn and Fairfax, VA, podiatrists or is this an issue you can handle all on your own? Find out more about why toenails turn purple and if they require special care.

If you notice a purple toenail this is a sign that there is blood pooling under the toenail. This is usually due to an injury to the toenail. Perhaps you stubbed your toe on something, dropped a heavy object on the nail or clocked your foot while running. When the nail is injured the blood vessels underneath will break open and leak.

Besides an injury to the nail, tightly fitted shoes could also lead to a purple toenail. This is why it’s so important to make sure that your toes have enough room to wiggle and move around no matter what shoes you wear. Wearing proper footwear is not only important for the health of your toenails but your feet, as well.

You may also be more likely to develop a purple toenail if you keep your toenails longer than they should be. If you are an athlete you will want to strongly consider keeping your nails trimmed regularly, as running or playing sports with long toenails can increase your chances of stubbing the toe and damaging the toenail.

While discoloration is often the only symptom people experience, if there is enough blood that has pooled under the nail this can cause some discomfort and swelling. If you aren’t experiencing any pain then you won’t have to do anything about the nail (your toenail will grow out healthy over time).

However, if you are experiencing pain, then our Reston, McLean, Ashburn or Fairfax, VA, foot doctors will need to drain the fluid that’s under the nail. By drilling a tiny hole into the nail we can remove some of the excess blood, which will ease symptoms.

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