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By Family Foot and Ankle Center
November 09, 2015
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Being able to walk is vital to most peoples’ daily lives. Many depend on this skill to be able to work, care for their children or just live a normal life. When pain in the foot or ankle becomes so severe that walking is hindered, quality of life can be heavily affected. In severe Bone Graftcases, surgery using bone grafting may be required to fix the problem and get you back to a happy, pain-free life.

What is bone grafting? 
Bone grafts, used during surgical procedures, harvest bone from one part of the body and implant it into another part of the body. Sometimes, a donor bone may be used. Since no actual living material is being grafted, the body cannot reject a bone graft as it could a skin graft.

What situations require bone grafting? 
Bone grafts are usually used in regards to foot and ankle surgery due to these common situations:

  • Bone Loss: Fractures that do not heal correctly could result in bone loss. Bone grafts for bone loss are used to promote healing in the area that it is grafted to.
  • Bone Cyst: A bone cyst may require a bone graft to fill it while it heals. This supports the bone and promotes healing.
  • Arthrodesis: If an arthrodesis, or fusion of two or more bones, is being performed, a bone graft could be used to bridge the gap between a joint, preventing it from being moved. This procedure makes the joint unusable, and it will no longer function as it did before.

How does bone grafting play into foot and ankle problems? 
Many bones in the feet or ankles are small and fragile. Bone grafts have proven to provide a large advantage to promote healing and provide extra support after foot or ankle surgery. While bone grafts are commonplace in foot and ankle surgery, the best way to understand the process and the surgery around it is to meet and consult with your Reston, VA podiatrist.

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